Joining TREXA brings numerous benefits to our members:

  • Provide a single voice for the textile recyclers and exporters in the UK
  • Representation in the UK and overseas
  • Access to training and seminars relevant to the industry
  • Regular meetings and your input into how the industry is run and managed
  • A platform to share your ideas and thoughts on the textile recycling industry
  • Guidance on procedures and processes in the industry
  • Support and cooperation in the daily activities of textile recyclers and sorters

Why joining TREXA matters

By joining TREXA our members can get their voices heard throughout the UK and overseas by Governments, NGOs, charities, and vendors.

We want to promote fair and equal working practices across the board so as to improve the quality of service provided by our members.

Joining TREXA will enable our members to gain our significant benefits and also provide their valuable feedback.

Find out about latest events

TREXA hold meetings, seminars and training events throughout the year which all members can attend.

Read our code of conduct

Our code of conduct outlines rules and what is required from each member.