About Us

Our Mission

We aim to promote fair trade in the textile recycling and export industry across the UK and globally. By bringing together reputable businesses we aim to develop the level of service we provide to our customers and suppliers.

Textile Recyclers and Exporters Association (TREXA) represent the textile recycling companies (sorters) across the UK and internationally. Our members recycle all types of used clothing in the UK for export across the world to developing nations such as Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan and many other countries.

TREXA has been set up to provide a single voice to our members to help their discussions with a variety of stakeholders including Government, industry regulators, suppliers and customers. Our reach spans the UK and overseas with a view to developing multi-national talks and encouraging trade and development in our industry.

Our background

With a background in textile recycling and exporting we understand the strains and challenges our members face. TREXA was set up by people in the industry, for people in the industry. We have first hand experience of what our members do on a daily basis and that is why we feel we are best placed to represent them.

TREXA is an organisation devoted to building and developing the state of the industry. That is why we give our members a voice and a platform where they can share their thoughts and ideas for the benefit of all.

How we represent our members

  • Giving them an equal voice in industry discussions and negotiations
  • Encouraging ideas and developing them
  • Opening up dialogue with Governments and NGOs across the world
  • Creating a level playing field for the benefit of all
  • Education through whitepapers, seminars and meetings
  • Providing a single platform to share information

Learn about the industry

The textile recycling and exporting industry provides many benefits to the UK economy and environment.

Join us and benefit

Becoming a member can help you and your business grow in the right way.